This looks like an interesting energy project being opened in Toronto. Enwave Systems has built a three pipe system that pulls low-temperature water from the bottom of the lake Ontario, extracts the coldness from the water (the process is not mentioned), and then puts the water into the drinking supply.

I would be interested to know the net effects of this system since they obviously still have to have a large pumping station running anyway in order to pull the water in.  Some of the benefits that are listed on the Enwave site are:

▪     Uses 75% less energy than conventional chillers
▪     Eliminates more than 59 megawatts from Ontario’s electricity grid
▪     Removes 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air – equivalent to taking 8000 cars off the road
▪     Reduces ozone depleting refrigerants (CFC’s and HCFC’s) [by how much???]

It’s an interesting project. I look forward to reading more on the actual implementation and real-world results.

There is a photo gallery of the construction process here.