It has been said by more than a few of my favorite 4WD gurus (I'm thinking that I've heard this from Jonathan Hanson, Andrew St, Pierre White, Tom Shepard and Paul Marsh?)  that the first and best upgrade to any 4WD is the owner learning how to drive it properly.

To that end, we decided to go to the Carmel Land Rover Experience for their Full Day experience to learn the basics of driving a 4WD including proper use of low-range, steering technique, two-foot driving, spotting (marshalling) with hand signals, selecting a good line, and how to use 4WD features available in the vehicle such as hill descent control, and terrain response. Overall, it was a fantastic day with a great instructor. I'm back-posting this in 2020 and can honestly say that the lessons have paid off time and time again. I'd highly recommend the Land Rover courses at Quail Lodge, or any of their other locations. It's a great way to get some good driving skills under your belt.